Friday, 31 October 2014

Dreams Come True

Half term has come around so quickly!  Doesn't only just feel like the school year began?

As a little treat for ourselves and the kids, we planned a few days to Disneyland Paris.  I love Disneyland Paris.  And although we have already been a few times, we've never experienced the Halloween celebrations.  It was quite a magical (mysterious) place!

To be honest, it's not Disneyland that I love; it's really all about watching the kids' eyes light up when they see their favorite Disney character.  Even if Olivia said to me (before we left), "mom, it's not really Mickey, it's just a person dressed as Mickey", she still lit up every time!  And sometimes, it left this sappy mommy a little bit teary eyed.  I just love seeing my little loves experiencing the magic.
And although Disneyland Paris is by no means Disney World, it still meant the world to me to share this special time with 3 of the people I love most.

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