Monday, 3 November 2014

Happy Halloween!

Pinterest is a dangerous thing!  Let me tell you why.  My little neighbourhood halloween get together, where I was just going to prepare a simple kids' dinner and let them run around, turned into a party I spent days planning and preparing.  But let me just tell you it was worth every minute.  Just look at these little faces!
I went online to get a few "spooky" food ideas and then ended spending hours looking at all the fun displays people have put together for their Halloween parties.  I got inspired!  I think my favourite idea are the bottle labels.  We used them at home even before the party and the kids just loved them!  It really got us into the "spirit" of things (no pun intended).

And the food, oh let me tell you!  Mummy sausages, ghost pizza, halloween cut-out cookies, worm jelly, brains with eyeballs in blood sauce, ghost garlic toast, ghost frozen bananas.  And to wash it all down "poison" and "blood".  And for the mummies, "mummy drink", of course.
 Here are the recipes if anyone is interested.  The ghost pizzas and mummy sausages were SO SUPER yummy!

 Before it got too dark, I did remember to set my camera up for a shot of the kids and me.  Thank you to my dear neighbour for snapping this photo for me!

Now that I've got all these ideas swimming in my head, let's see what next Halloween off to go plan Olivia's birthday (somebody, keep me away from Pinterest!).

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