Thursday, 5 April 2012

Newborn baby "E"

I've been getting my fair share of baby cuddles over the last few weeks!

And although I can't share the cuddles with you through my blog, I can share some of the adorable photos!  So here are just a few of the beautiful photos from a shoot I did a couple weeks ago with this precious little man.  He is so sweet!
The photo below is my absolute favourite.  Look at those pouty little lips - so kissable!  And his skin is just so perfect!
Thank you to his mum and dad for coming all the way out to my in-home studio and allowing me to photograph your gorgeous little love.  He is just absolute perfection.  
Little ones grow up so quickly right before our eyes.  I always say to my little ones, "Don't grow up, stay little".  To that Olivia always says, "I can't mom, I have to grow!".  So true and so sad. :(

That being said, I do hope these photos provide you with a lifetime of memories.

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