Friday, 23 March 2012

1:1 Mentoring Session with Shellie Wall

Warning!  This blog post may make you broody!

Who doesn't love looking at gorgeous photos of little newborn babies?  They are so sweet and innocent.  And Shellie Wall's photography (click here to go to Shellie's website) just makes you want to pull them off the photos and cuddle them.  That's why I needed to know her tricks!  So what better way to do that than to have her mentor me 1-to-1?  

(The images in this blog post were all taken the day of my mentoring with Shellie)
I travelled 3 hours and 45 minutes up to Norwich this past week to meet Shellie (the GPS told me 2 hours and 45 minutes...but what it didn't take into account was the M25 in the middle of rush hour!).  But, it was SO well worth it.
Shellie greeted me at her in-home studio just before 9am on Wednesday.  Over a cuppa we chatted about props, poses and tricks of the trade while we waited for our little model to arrive at 9:30am.  And what a little cutie she is!  Her little face is so smoochable!

At 13 days new, she was such a little angel.  She let us put her in all kinds of different poses as Shellie explained to me the best posing methods.  Our baby girl cooperated so well with us that we were even able to do "the hands on chin" pose!
Like most newborn photo shoots, this first session lasted 3 hours.  It gives baby enough time for feeds and cuddles, while allowing the photographer to change backdrops, poses and props.

After a quick lunch break, where we recapped the morning session, our little man arrived with proud mum, dad and gran at his side.  This little bubba was only 7 days new and just as cute as a button!  
Shellie had taken the lead in the morning session, so it was over to me for the afternoon session. 

Although our little model hadn't slept much all morning, he was wide awake when he arrived.  But, once he fell asleep, he was gone! We were even able to do some wrapping and cocooning durning this session.  

Shellie was a great and patient teacher.  She added in all kinds of bits of info that I would have never thought of.  Her focus on the safety and comfort of baby is key to achieving the beautiful images she produces.  Shellie shared ALL her secrets with me, down to the smallest detail, like what to wear!  
Thank you so much to the parents for letting us photograph your little "loves".  And a BIG huge thank you to Shellie for all the work you put into organising very successful back-to-back newborn sessions for my mentoring day with you.  You are a wonderful mentor and a pleasure to work with.

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