Monday, 8 April 2013

Snowing here, sunny there

All has been a bit quiet at Laura G Photography....we've been on holiday!  This year's get away was in South Tenerife where the sun was sunny and the weather was warm.  Apparently we chose a great week to get away, as it snowed here!

We didn't really get up to much besides relaxing poolside.  But regardless we had so much fun.  On the first day we realised we forgot our water toys, so off I went to the resort gift shop to purchase a bucket and shovel.  Luckily our kids (and everyone else's') used it everyday, so I considered the 16 Euro purchase one well worth it!

Both kids were such little fish.

Only the kids club and playing tennis with dad could convince Olivia to come out of the pool.  She spent 2-3 hours a day creating beautiful art projects and coloring in the kids club.  And tennis with daddy was so much fun that even on the last day she had to play one last time in the morning just before we headed off to the airport.

Alex loved the pool too, but I'm surprised there was any water left in it by the end of the day.  He kept drinking it all (it was a sea water pool...yuck!) and making "smoothies" for mommy in his bucket.

As I was looking through our holiday snaps, I realised, there were virtually none of me and the kids.  The only one is this very hazy one of me with Alex - so please do excuse the quality, but I wanted to post at least one of me so you would know I was actually there! ;)  (Note to self, make a better effort to be in photos next time!).

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